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Hey Brent here! I am just trying to get a head count of how many people are coming to the dance (info in my brents last pin) if you can come please tell me (comment below)

Brent Rivera || "hey there I'm ryan. I'm 18 and single, but definitely looking for my princess. I am very kind and protective and very outgoing. I am a senior in high school and I can't wait to graduate. I play football and baseball, but I am also kind of a nerd. Come say hi!"

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||Fc: Brent Rivera|| I'm Felix! I grew up here on Neverland with Peter Pan and I'm part of his group. Gang. Whatever you wanna call it. He's the King of Neverland and no one disobey's him. I'm in charge of the Lost Boys when he's not around. I'm good with a sword and a bow and arrow. Intro?

brent] "hey im brent im im a junior. i am a jock. i play football, basketball, and baseball.