buckminster fuller :: best known for the invention of the geodesic dome –the lightest, strongest, and most cost-effective structure ever devised. over domes dot the globe today.

Buckminster Fuller's Design For The Stars

64 perfectly stacked tetrahedrons create 2 octaves of a perfectly balanced geometry called the cuboctahedron, or what Buckminster Fuller coined the "Vector equilibrium". According to the physics of.

From: ScienceAlert "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete" - Buckminster Fuller American architect, inventor and futurist — with Carlos Marcelo Cuadrado.

Tension Integrity Sphere This model, displayed at the Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center in Asheville, was actually constructed by R. Buckminster Fuller I like this sculpture because it is spiky and spiky things could represent pain.

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'Geodesic' a term coined by Buckminster Fuller in Self supporting structure of interlocking triangles requiring no crossbeams.

Geographies: New England Book Work, the New England Chapter of The Guild of Book Workers exhibition, is now on view at The University of Vermont's Bailey/Howe Library (I went there!)in Burlington, Vermont through.

Back to the Future: Futuristic Car Designs from the Past

1933 Dymaxion car(if it has 3 wheels it is considered a motorcycle, right)I've NEVER seen one of these and I thought I had seen everything on wheels at least once. This car was designed by Buckminster Fuller - engineering genius.

Buckminster Fuller: Very large geodesic dome as the US pavilion at the Montreal Expo. Invented by R Buckminster Fuller, the geodesic dome becomes lighter and stronger as it's size (and volume) increases!

Tetrascroll: Goldilocks and the Three Bears by R. Buckminster Fuller (1983-08-03): Amazon.co.uk: Books