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The many sides of Callie Torez...

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23 Times Callie Torres Was The Best Part Of "Grey's Anatomy"

23 Times Callie Torres Was The Best Part Of

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Calzona - Greys Anatomy - Arizona Robbins - Callie Torres - Jessica Capshaw - Sara Ramirez

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Callie Torres, Ortho Goddess | Sticker

"Callie Torres, Ortho Goddess" Stickers by Lyndsey Kleiman | Redbubble More

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Mark Sloan Grey's Anatomy | ... ON-SCREEN FRIENDSHIPSCallie Torres & Mark Sloan[ Grey’s Anatomy

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Laugh My Baby Bump Off Part 3!!! - Page 3

"Stop sleeping with your coworkers. It ruins them." "I slept with you." "And now I no longer sleep with men." - Callie and Alex, Grey's Anatomy Lol just watched this

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"I'm the queen of taking my personal crap out on other people." Callie Torres to April Kepner, Grey's Anatomy quotes

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Don't chase me anymore, unlesss you're ready to catch me.

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10x5 fav part :3 Grey's Anatomy

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Sara Ramirez - this picture is absolutely amazing!

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"You don't teach by shoving someone else's face in the dirt. That's just being mean." Callie Torres to Meredith Grey, Grey's Anatomy quotes

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Grey's anatomy Callie Torres and Mark Sloan

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Toe aan een wijntje (tijdens Grey's Anatomy)? #proost #wijn #wine

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Grey's Anatomy Callie Torrez She's so strong I love her<3

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Grey Bailey Torres Wilson Kepner Robbins Stevens Yang. (Grey's Anatomy)

Girls of Greys #greysanatomy

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Sarah Drew (April Kepner), Kelly McCreary (Maggie Pierce), Caterina Scorsone…

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Grey's Anatomy: 17 of Callie Torres' Best Moments

Grey's Anatomy: 17 of Callie Torres' Best Moments | When She Got Back Together With Arizona |

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season 3 greys anatomy callie torres sara ramirez i dont like you trending #GIF on #Giphy via #IFTTT

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I think she's the prettiest character on Grey's. Always thought it was funny how they would talk about how beautiful Izzy and Mer are. Nope, they don't hold a candle to Cally.

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