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[ fc : cameron dallas ]" hey guys! i'm cameron, I'm 19 and I'm youtube, instagram,vine ( rip vine :T ) and just all around famous " I laugh " I'm very sweet and friendly, I have a sister named liza and I love her to pieces, we get along very well :), Intro?

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cameron dallas, adidas, and boy

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cameron dallas, Calvin Klein, and cameron image

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Cameron Dallas with a puppy

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Cameron Dallas (Photo via @camerondallas on Instagram)

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[fc:Cameron Dallas] Hey I'm Cameron, but you can call me Cam! I'm a bit of a flirt *winks* and I love to play football. 18 and single, intro?

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::Cameron dallas::sup, I'm Cameron I'm 18 years old and single but looking. I'm a boxer. I started boxing when I was 13 mainly because I used to get bullied and it just let out a lot of my anger and stress

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:::::Cameron Dallas:::"Hi! I'm Cameron. I'm 18 years old and I come from Canada. Yes, it's boring, but I love it! I'm pretty bubbly and outgoing. See ya!

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Missssss fashion week ☹️

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pinterest: @BasicWhiiteGirl

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