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Cute Cartoon Food Jokes | More Funny Pun Pictures (12 Pics) This seems like it's way more humorous than it really should be...

Funny pictures about Chocolate Milk Shake. Oh, and cool pics about Chocolate Milk Shake. Also, Chocolate Milk Shake photos.

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Baking?? Who am I??

Some Day They'll Have Hot Flashes and Their Bodies Will Change, Too. Some grumpy looking popped popcorn looking down on some happy .

27 Jokes You Definitely Didn’t Understand When You Were 10

27 Jokes You Definitely Didn't Understand When You Were 10

ROFL – Funny Cartoon Joke! | Jokes R Us

two 2 sheep in pasture ones rear end butt wool thread snagged caught on barbed wire fence, Whoa, Jeff you snagged your woolen sweater

Let's have some fun..

"You wanna have some fun, Fred?I'm gonna go over and stare and growl at the closet door." ~ The Far Side by Gary Larson

Yeah, completely true.

2 Ways to Get Rid of Man Boobs or Chest Fat Fast Without Surgery

I have thought about this since I was a little kid, how men with moobs (that's "manboobs" for those of you that don't know) can walk around topless, yet women can't. Totally bogus if you ask me.

Funny Bible Cartoon Joke Pictures

I have a favorite cartoon on my fridge. It shows Noah’s Ark sailing away and a hippo on a rock looking after the ark and saying, “Oh, No. That was TODAY?” Kinda sums up my life.

Funny Printer's Down Monk Cartoon Joke Picture

History humor hehehe Just like the printers at my school. They never work.

Frozen implants? U might want to thaw them out first.

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Disturbing but amazing image of a snake and lizard killing each other

Disturbing but amazing image of a snake and lizard killing each other

Your dog is doing his business on my lawn - this is how my brain works. People say and mean one thing and I am totally interpreting it to something hilarious in my mind.

Funny Alien Cartoon Joke Picture

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