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Ever wanted to know how to make good, old-fashioned chow chow? Here's a fool proof recipe!

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Southern Chow Chow Relish

Southern Chow Chow recipe, like they serve at Cracker Barrel

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Green tomatoes: Chow Chow. A good way to use all those tomatoes I picked right before the freeze.

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Southern "Sweet Chow-Chow" relish, just the way my beloved Granny and Papa used to make and "can" in their cellar when I was growing up....great on beans, cornbread and even hamburgers and hot dogs!

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Chow Chow Relish: an American pickled relish, which can be made from green tomatoes, red tomatoes, cabbage, onions, green and red peppers. It is canned like pickles or salsa, although the mixture is usually cooked first.

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Classic Chow Chow Relish With Green Tomatoes and Cabbage

How to Make Classic Chow-Chow (Southern Green Tomato Relish)

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this is the '15 #1 green tomato relish recipe I canned. Chow Chow Relish

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Amish Chow Chow Relish

Amish Chow Chow Relish - This homemade relish recipe is the one topping that seems to go well with everything—hot dogs, chicken, you name it!

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Family Recipe Friday ~ Dixie Relish. My Aunt Eloise always called this chow-chow - good on a hot bowl of pinto beans :-) I've also seen it made with green tomatoes. #South #Southern

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homemade pepper relish...I'm gonna try some chow chow

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