A GREAT MAN AND A TRUE AMERICAN HERO devildoggraphix: “Two years ago today, America lost a great warrior and hero. You will never be forgotten! "It was my duty to shoot the enemy, and I don’t regret it. My regrets are for.

Standing guard, yet again.... but we love him for it! <3

It's not a sniper cloud. It's just Chris Kyle protecting the Heavens.

Chris Kyle #patriot #honor Thank you. I'm tired of Movie Stars/ Rock stars and Sports being the "heros". The real heros are the ones that fight for their country..even when that country lets them down. God Bless our troops.

Chris Kyle, an American hero and thousands of our forgotten heroes from all our wars.

One year ago today one of our nation's best snipers, Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle was tragically murdered. Today at the Superbowl, Hall of Fame quarterback Joe

Remembering Chris Kyle, a Deadly American Sniper

Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle – The deadliest sniper the American military has ever seen. Saving of servicemen and Iraqi national’s lives during his 10 year stint as a Navy SEAL sniper.

Today, Monday, February is Chris Kyle Day in Texas. I fly my flag every day, but I'm happy to honor Chris' service and his memory.

SEAL Sniper-picture featured in Chris Kyle's book "American Sniper" of a hide he and another SEAL set up in an apartment in Fallujah.

Taya Kyle opens up about the love she had with the real American Sniper Chris Kyle and the film that…

American Hero....RIP Chris

stayzeroed: “I have the utmost respect. By the way, Chris, sweet rifle. I have the same muzzle device on my 700 and I wouldn’t mind going with that stock once I upgrade mine.