Photography 101:  How to Take the perfect Christmas Tree Photo!

Photography How to Take the perfect Christmas Tree Photo! how to photograph your tree and make the lights magical. Photograph your kids by the christmas tree. Photography tips.

Great article on how to get great photographs of your Christmas tree. Written for non-photographers.

How to take better pics in front of your Christmas tree.-- Use the Av mode (set it to the smallest number) and turn off your flash. Every year I try to take pics of my family or pets in front of the tree and they always turn out funny, now I know!

PHOTO:  Turn off all lights except for the  Christmas tree, f-stop 1.4, ISO 160, SS 1/15.

Photographing Kids in Front of a Christmas Tree from Faithful Steps Photography. Dark room (all the lights off in the house except for Christmas tree lights), f-stop ISO SS Make sure kids stand still. or have a couple kiss in front of the tree