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I haven't been able to bring myself to watch the series since the finale aired. Every time I've even attempted the feels rush back and it's sob city meets "RIVERS and ROADSSSSSS..."

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Not shaken, just nerd. Just how I like it. <3

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chuck :) ahh this is the best

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If you have never seen Chuck, you have no idea how much this word really means.....

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Chuck Commemorative Poster Art Print

Chuck needs to have a bigger fandom!!! Come on, where are you nerd-herders??

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6 Motivational Quotes From Zachary Levi That Will Change Your Life

Guys, I’ve got some really exciting news!!! Just a few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to speak with one of my favorite celebrities ever: Zachary Levi, otherwise known as Chuck Bartowski from the popular hit show, Chuck! You might be wondering: Is he really that adorable in person? What did you guys talk about? … Read More

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Casey: "We're dead, Bartowski's got a gun." - Chuck

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Morgan describing his fake wealth chuck bartowski grimes

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Really Chuck? Really? I mean, I know you had truth serum so it's not entirely your fault. That was a good episode. When Sarah says she doesn't love Chuck but she tells Casey that she was trained to counter the truth serums effects.

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50 Reasons to Love Chuck Bartowski!

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