Lake Malawi Cichlids More

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Pretty inexpensive approach to a African Cichlid tank....wish I would have seen it before I bought Lava Rock....

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.Never met a fish I didn't like! She is beautiful!

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Aulonocara SP. (Hybrid) OB Peacock Cichlid I have a bisque fired pair of fish (cichlids) on coral that I would like to paint resembling these colorful real life cichlids.

Metriaclima Zebra Maisoni Hane

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People wonder why I love fishtanks, uhhm hello?? Have you seen aquatic life?!?

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All African Cichlid Species | African Cichlids, Lake Malawi

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green terror cichlid (These are my favorite. They're so colorful.)

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African Cichlid Compatibility Chart

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yellow cichlid with black fin | Caring for and Breeding your Electric Yellow Lab Cichlids

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