Schedule Cards

Classroom Reveal: Our Learning Space

A visual daily routine schedule that can help students more easily understand their daily schedule with times.

Nine cool tools—just for us!

9 Surprising Perks for Teachers

Nine cool tools—just for us!

Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations: Loads of organization ideas & a FREEBIE!

Classroom organization- Fun and colorful way to organize supplies for your class and add an extra bin for "trash". This keeps students from going to the recycle bin.

CLASSROOM ORGANIZATION LABELS School Supplies - Clutter-Free Classroom -

Classroom Supply Labels

Classroom organization labels for school supplies can be used to label different bins of supplies. Students will know exactly what is in each container and where to find supplies.

I use several of these apps, but also clearly have more I need to add to our classroom!

For teachers wanting to go paperless, here is a great list of the tools you'll need to become completely digital!

photo-collage  Then use PicMonkey (or another image editing service) to make a collage of the photos and send them home as year-end gifts.

Year-End Activity: Career Photo Collage

End of the year gift or yearbook idea -Class photo collage of their potential professions.

Beanbags Under the Palm Tree | Community Post: 21 Awesomely Creative Reading Spaces For The Classroom

21 Awesomely Creative Reading Spaces For The Classroom

High school classroom organization: Arranging the desks this way makes it easy for students to form pairs or groups of four.

The view as you walk into my room. Other side of the room view. Supply Area Reading Area(Kindergarten starts class with a story.

Frederick jones' theory talks about how motivation is student leadership. Providing students with jobs in the classroom will give them the change to take on the role of a leader. I envision myself applying this theory and assigning jobs to my students, in order to teach them about responsibility and working together to prevent chaos in the classroom.

Classroom Jobs

Having classroom jobs can improve student motivation and responsibility. This would help me organize and implement student jobs within the classroom.