Colleen Corby <3 1960’s ~~~ I had a dress exactly like this of my favorites ♥

Colleen Corby, model, Seventeen, first teen style icon. In 1968 I made my own turquoise 'tent' dress in grade home ec class.

Colleen Corby, 1964 magazine ad for Cover Girl cosmetics.

fells natural fresh and sweet ;) Colleen Corby - Teen Model of the in American Magazines such as Seventeen

Colleen Corby colleencorbycovergirladphoto1964jpg

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colleen corby | Colleen Corby in a Seventeen magazine ad. Adorable yellow & white ...

Colleen Corby in a Seventeen magazine ad. Adorable yellow & white dress-I use to have a 'girl crush' on her!

I had outfits very similar to this one in high  school...around 1971.  Plaid skirts were popular, usually with pleats. And knee socks were in style.

Colleen Corby 1968 - Plaid Skirt, knee high socks & shirt collar - love this!

Colleen Corby

vintage everyday: Colleen Corby - Face of a Generation in This was the look CeCe had when remarried to the Brit film director)

Colleen Corby - Sears Catalog (Spring & Summer 1974)...WOMEN INTERPOL Crime Alert! at Hong Kong International Airport criminal Ravi Dahiya, sex trafficker, born 1970, India, tall, white hair, eyeglasses hunts women at Hong Kong Airport, both bus & plane travellers, for fake modelling agency work, front for sex trafficking AKA Ravinder Dahiya trafficker airport......#RaviDahiyaTraffickerHK

I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. Pretty in Pink: Colleen Corby - Sears Catalog (Spring & Summer