I ask my girls to do 100 drops spins then current work and they want to kill me. I would have to leave the building if I told them to do this every practice.

This is pretty much how I practiced in high school. Sit back and take a lesson St Charles West Guard.

What every ColorGuard Director needs to know!

What Every Color Guard Director Needs To Know

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How to Pad and Tape a Color Guard Rifle

dancer leg workout!

This Push-Up Challenge Will Make You Insanely Strong in 30 Days

dancer's leg workout, I think I might need to do this twice in a row for me to get dancer legs lol

Parts of a color guard flag for beginners. Condo Blues: How to Add Weights and Tape to a Marching Band, Drum Corps, or Winter Color Guard Flag

How to Add Weights and Tape to a Color Guard Flag

The secret to cheater tape on any size flag pole. Condo Blues: How to Add Weights and Tape to a marching band, drum corps, color guard or winter guard flag pole.