Reading Hebert's article about gifted males reminded me how our society hailed characters played by John Wayne because is defined masculinity as tough, gun-slinging, no-nonsense, types. Very often, males I teach in 6th grade are striving to be tougher than one another, better at everything, or in some form of competition with their other male peers to feel "on top" or "cool". Although I think competition is very healthy and I love to encourage that within the classroom, it often can turn…

I always marveled at how the Duke could make a Winchester Model 92 or an Garand look like a miniature firearm.

Scott Eastwood | Inspiration for Kieran Yeates - Sweet Talk & Good Lies

Astrid (Competitive Trail Rider) and Eret (Bronco Rider) go for an afternoon ride together. I& planning on writing a drabble for this on my Eretstrid Drabbles on Wattpad. Astrid and Eret are owned.

Awwwwww can we say cowboy in the making

- Okay, son. I'll teach you how to be a real-life cowboy. - Thanks, Dad. This is how I want my husband and kids to be including the daughters GIRLS CAN DO IT TOO!

"Bring the steaks .... yeah, I got this"

Afternoon eye candy: Hot Cowboys, y’all (32 photos)

Honey, any cowboy worth his salt would never handle a rope without gloves.but you sure make some sweet eye candy.


Texan cowboy Bonner Bolton is a Tom Hardy lookalike

Professional bull rider Bonner Bolton, from Gardendale, Texas, is making waves in the fashion industry after being signed to IMG Models in May this year.

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?  Amid a moral slump, a call for some old-fashioned individualism

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

Steve McQueen

"We deal in lead, friend!The Magnificent Seven an American Western Film, directed by John Sturges and starring Yul Brynner, Eli Wallach and Steve McQueen.