She would be half a planet away, floating in a turquoise sea, dancing by moonlight to flamenco guitar.

The Physical Power of the Ocean

The sea. I love to swim in the sea when its sparkling and calm. Even more I love to watch and listen to a stormy sea all angry and foaming

So much chaos, however, because of the suspended balance and horizontal lines, you feel so empowered.

Famous Quotes on Images (Part 1)

Cliffs and slamming waves. Shore Acres State Park , Oregon, 2014 ~ Amazing shot, I would not want to be the guy on the rock

Photo via: Fierce Gentleman Incredible photo of a crashing wave.


Ocean texture.

Oceanographer describe the complex traits of the ocean. They research pollution and climate change and how that affects the ocean. They also look at the types of animal that inhabit the ocean.

Land's End, Cornwall, UK Look hard -- there are wee tiny people on top of the cliff. Now look again at the size of that crashing wave.

Helen Dixon Professional Landscape Photography: Gallery 1 - Land's End - Cornwall england. Love the power

"Kyllä minä tiesin, että myrsky oli tulossa, mutten arvannut sen tulevan näin pian"

Stormy Ocean Waves

You do shit on purpose You get mad and you break things Feel bad, try to fix things But you're perfect Poorly wired circuit And got hands like an ocean Push you out, pull you back in.

Beautiful photograph of Bottallack engine house amidst stormy seas and crashing waves. Cornwall, England Photo by Peter Hulance Photography.

Beautiful photograph of one of The Crowns Engine Houses, Botallack, amidst stormy seas and crashing waves. Cornwall, England Photo by Peter Hulance Photography.

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Notice the cloud formation echoing the wave formation. It is worthwhile remembering that our atmosphere is fluid, that clouds are water vapor, and are subject to the same physical forces as the wave.

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Ocean View on

Under a Breaking Wave Coolum Beach Queensland, Australia. Photography by: Troy Casswell

"Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time" ~H. P. Lovecraft

Lands End, Cornwall, England, UK, March Massive waves pummel the cliffs. The little tower on the top of the cliff top is an old coastguard lookout. It stands at above sea level. The impact is therefore round about high.

~~Strength 9 ~ crashing waves hit a lighthouse, dramatic seascape by Mirko Rubaltelli~~

Just from the photo, you can feel the power this wave has as it crashes onto the rock foundation and lighthouse. Much power, much strength!