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Paleo Takeover

Cheat sheet for the paleo diet. It's a healthy way to eat but takes some time getting used to. Learn the pro/cons of this diet and how to incorporate it into your lifestyle!

Becoming more excited and addicted to #crossfit #motivation

Calorie Burning Circuit Workout Great motivation Find games and activities that provide physical exercise for kids with PDD-NOS / autism.

CrossFit Terminology: Your Ultimate Guide

Barehand- Build Better Grip

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And sweat angels. Don't forget the sweat angels. :P

The A List: 15 Ways To Know You're A CrossFitter

CrossFit started as a way to cross train. I had no idea how good it feels to be strong. And what an impact it has made on my running! #oisellestartinglines

30 Day At Home workout Challenge (Inspired by CrossFit

Truth Fitness motivation inspiration fitspo crossfit running workout exercise I love being a strong girl!

motivation. Take it Day by day, and I may fall off the band wagon more than I like, but I keep trying.  That says more about a person determination and will more than anything I know.  Being able to say, " I am doing better than yesterday," feels amazing, so keep trying.

5 months into doing Crossfit, and I just started hitting the 9 ft. Didn't even know I could do it until suddenly, I did. It doesn't matter if you're the weakest person in the room, as long as you are making progress.