Damien Rice... stones taught me to fly , love taught me to lie , life ...it taught me to die ...so it's not hard to fall ...when you float like a cannonball .

love, it taught me to lie

Damien Rice - Cheers darlin' - what is it about Damien Rice? His music seems to encompass all the emotions that words alone cannot convey.

Pin for Later: Watch Damien Rice's First Music Video in Eight Years

Watch Damien Rice's First Music Video in Eight Years

Damien Rice 18 juillet 2015 - Nuits de Fourvière Wow, anytime, anywhere I must see you again live

We are deep in the barren Icelandic countryside, miles from Reykjavik, and Damien Rice is playing one of the most intimate shows of his life.

Damien Rice

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Damien Rice - Publicity shots, My Favourite Faded Fantasy release

Dressing Your Truth Type 2 Damien Rice (Typed by Carol)

Damien Rice

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Lisa Hannigan & Damien Rice. Their voices were perfect together, shame they don't collaborate anymore.

another famous modern couple - Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan - singers