Danny zuko

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❤ Danny Zuko, aka Grease's T-Bird played by John Travolta. #guiltypleasure #badboyobsessions

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One of those "guilty pleasures" movies, lol. Kenickie and Danny ♡ the heart of the #tbirds in #grease @justaseahorse

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John Travolta as Danny Zuko | Here’s What The Cast Of “Grease” Looks Like Now. HAHAHA not one of them aged gracefully...

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john travolta <3 (back in the day)

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John Travolta in ‘Grease’, 1978. http://superseventies.tumblr.com/post/14476323602/fashion-shopping-education-college-books-home-garden-ant

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John Travolta

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john travolta's too sassy

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True Story: When I was little I really really wanted a pair of leather pants (because Sandy wore them). My mom finally gave in and bought me a pair for my birthday. They were skin tight, hotter than hell, and made walking a bitch. How Sandy did it I don't know... My mom makes fun of me for it every time I watch this movie.

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John Travolta - l'album du fan-club

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this freeze frame is the very moment that started all of my boy crazy obsessions.

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