David Boreanaz - I'd be the Bones to his Booth any day.

It takes a pretty confident man to say ,"Anything that's cold and blonde works for me." But David Boreanaz, the actor who co-stars as Special Agent

David Boreanaz also know as Booth <3

Edward Cullen est-il le vampire le plus sexy ?

David Boreanaz also know as Angel, the original sexy vampire on tv ;

David Boreanaz. There is just something about those suspenders that make me want to rip them off ;)

David Boreanaz aka Seeley Booth from Bones! and Don't forget Angel.

David Boreanaz: Forget about his TV show Bones — the focus is clearly on David's bone structure.

David Boreanaz

Picture of Actor David Boreanaz attends the Nintendo Lounge on the TV Guide Magazine Yacht at Comic Con TVGMYacht during Comic Con International 2014 on July 25 2014 in San Diego California.

Morning coffee in hi-res! (40 HQ photos)

Morning coffee in hi-res! (40 HQ photos)

David Boreanaz – Angel | The Male Celebrity

David Boreanaz – Angel

David Boreanaz - Beautiful smile-loved him as Angel in Buffy and also in Bones ld thinks this fellow is fab!