Top 10 TV Hunks Dean Geyer He can sing, he can act and he can dance! Not to forget he is drop dead gorgeous! Dean joined Glee cast as Brody Weston, Rachel’s former love interest and – a gigolo…One thing is for sure – he is an Eye Candy!

Dean Geyer. I dont know who you are, nor how i came to find you, but may i just say, you are freaking hott!

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Dean Geyer as Dean Grey. Simon growled as Dean walked over to Riley, stroking her cheek. He knew not to come out but the jealously and anger that ran through him made it fucking hard not to beat this wanker.

Glee Season 4 new actor, Dean Geyer “ Brody Weston is a NYADA upperclassman and a potential love interest for Rachel Berry.

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Dean Geyer (Official) added a new photo — with Pamela Correa and Mailen Lucero.

Dean Geyer    this hair 2

leatheraddict: “Leatherboy du jour/of the day : Dean Geyer (comédien/actor) (USA) - ”

Dean Geyer in Lea Michele spends the day shooting scenes for "Glee" in New York City

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Meet Dean Geyer, the South African who will play Brody Weston. I don't even care whot he fuck that is, THOSE EYES

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Dean Geyer from Glee (and shirtless, too). Oh good morning beautiful