(cover via ins @rushanaisaacs)  If you don't like too creepy halloween looks,you'll love these elegant and fabulous makeup.Find your favorite and let's DIY on t

The Best On-screen Inspired Halloween Costumes

be "lion" if I said I had to try to get my hair like this, I finally found a costume fitting for my untamed, unruly, frizz hair

You can use leftover Harry Potter glasses from past costumes, monkey animal ears, and a yellow pullover sweater to recreate everyone's favorite cartoon aardvark. Plus, you'll score major cool points with all the teens in your neighborhood for this relevant costume.  See the full tutorial on YouTube »

35+ Last-Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Quickly DIY

Laurdiy: Arthur costume ever since her video came out in the beginning of october i decided to be arthur so now i dont have to watch any more costume vids which are filling up my subs


Fantasias divertidas e diferentes {Carnaval Geek}

Funny pictures about The Cereal Killer. Oh, and cool pics about The Cereal Killer. Also, The Cereal Killer.

11 Halloween Costumes for Girls Who Are Lazy AF | http://www.hercampus.com/style/11-halloween-costumes-girls-who-are-lazy-af | Scarecrow Costume

11 Halloween Costumes for Girls Who Are Lazy AF

Halloween is a time for haunting things — witches and ghosts are just the tip of it – and you’ll want an equally spooky costume to match. You don’t have to spen

DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas - Flowering Cactus Cant Touch This Clothespins and Acrylic Paint Handmade Costume idea via evite

20+ DIY Halloween Costumes

Cactus: Nothing can touch this prickly costume! Write “Can’t Touch This” using acrylic paint and stencils or iron-on letters on the torso area of a solid green dress. Fold several dozen tan pipe clean (Last Minutes Costume)

Rosie the Riveter Halloween costume

The Easiest DIY Halloween Costumes For Fashion Girls

Pin for Later: 70 Mind-Blowing DIY Halloween Costumes For Women Rosie the Riveter Dressing up as this feminist icon is easy! A red bandanna and denim shirt are all you need to create this look. (Last Minutes Costumes)

Get rid of Halloween dress-up stress this year with these DIY food and drink costumes

22 Creative Ways to Dress Like Food for Halloween

To recreate this upside down Ice Cream Cone Costume you will need: -White Tulle Bloom Skirt -Mini Popsicle Sticks -White Tee or Tank -White Shoes -Brown Paper -Bobby Pins -Coloured Paints -Safety Pins -Hot Glue Gun

superman.jpg                                                       …

DIY Superman Costume

Halloween is just around the corner. In need of a costume idea ladies? Here is a quick, super cute DIY costume for those on a budget. I wore this at the Dallas Comic Con Fan Days Event with my daugh (Cute Diy Costume)

Brandi: This is my two year old daughter (Aria) wearing her hot air balloon costume! We found the idea for her costume one Pinterest. There were not any directions on how...

Hot Air Balloon - Halloween Costume Contest at Costume-Works.com

Items you will need to make a hot air balloon costume! 2 wire wreath frames 5 dowel rods sculpture balloons strap and harness to make a buck.