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See? Even the doctor thinks your important ^^<< he hasn't met me, and he says that he has never MET someone not important

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Rose and the doctor are my OTP and I cry EVERY SINGLE TIME I watch journeys end and doomsday.

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Things like this make me cry when watching Doctor Who....along with everything else.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Wedding Invitation Suite

Doctor Who TARDIS Wedding Invitation Suite by TiarrArts on Etsy

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I love Doctor Who, it makes me feel like kid again, so full of wonderment

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me, trying to get my friends and family to watch Doctor Who (and me when my sister was getting me to watch the first time)

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Tardis - Doctor Who quote. I like how he starts out all smart and then it devoles into nonsense.

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I look love this so much! It made me cry! It captures everything I love about Doctor Who!

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The Return of Doctor Mysterio.

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I liked nine...then it changed to it is might change to twelve, but still, I will always love eleven.

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