The Stars Of  Twilight, Then & Now #refinery29  Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson): Twilight (2008)Pattinson’s acting CV was rather limited when he auditioned to play the immortal Edward Cullen, although he did have a tiny bit of experience with another franchise. When he was 17, Pattinson playe...

The Stars Of "Twilight," Then & Now

A decade ago today, Stephenie Meyer unleashed a force into the world. Fun fact: That force was almost called Forks. Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, righ

Edward Cullen - Team Edward. Gotta love a good vampire flick

Secret History of Twilight, Part 2: Edward Meets Robert

This is from the baseball seen in twilight . Edward

Sensual Sunday ~ For the Love of Lashes!!!

"Ima eat your face and watch you sleep!"  Crap, this picture is terrifying.

"Ima eat your face and watch you sleep like a creeper!" Crap, this picture is terrifying. Did you know that there are a total if 23 full minutes if just staring in the Twilight saga? I really don't like this movie/book.

That smile ...

That smile ...