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Eiko Ishioka's Costumes

Lily Collins as Snow White in her yellow cloak. 'Mirror Mirror' (2012), Costume Designer: Eiko Ishioka-- Cute inspiration but would have to be shorter and less...Dramatic. Perfect for future strolls down Hawthorne!

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Superheroes: Fashion And Fantasy

designed by Eiko Ishioka, for Grace Jones.

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Oscars 2015: The Academy's picks for best costume design

Julia Roberts as the The Queen in 'Mirror Mirror' (2012). Costume Designer: Eiko Ishioka

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Eiko Ishioka's costume from The Fall [2006]

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Eiko Ishioka Ok, this is the creepiest kimono I've ever seen! This is like Twilight meets Memoirs of a Geisha! Weird but love it! Can you imagine wearing this to a Halloween party? Wow!

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Eiko Ishioka - "The Immortals (costume design"

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A Look Back at the Magical Work of Mirror Mirror Costume Designer Eiko Ishioka

A Look Back at the Magical Work of Mirror Mirror Costume Designer Eiko Ishioka - Fashionista

The Fashion Houses of New Beijing are already competing to win the coveted position of Stylists to the Future Empress. Look as this gorgeous ensemble! from Ishioka House they held the Imperial Seal while Emperor Kaito's Mother the late Empress was alive. (Eiko Ishioka for The Fall ... Chinese-inspired dress with a very beautiful fan headdress)

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Mirror Mirror

A Grimm's fairy tale, this film is director Tarsem Singh's take on Snow White. The costumes were designed by Eiko Ishioka and focused heavily on the Character' situation by emphasising colour and s...

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Eiko Ishioka

"The Fall" (2006) costume by Eiko Ishioka - the character is Charles Darwin. Appropriate

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