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Check-In (Elementary School Counseling - Marissa's Blog)

This is something new that I've started in my individual counseling sessions. It serves a few purposes - it helps me gather data on how effective the sessions are, helps students self-reflect, and.

elementary school counseling classroom guidance lesson for building self-esteem - Counselor Keri

Valentine's Day Self Esteem Classroom Guidance Lesson - School Counseling

This Valentine's Day classroom guidance lesson is meant to remind students to show themselves some love too! Students identify 4 things they love about

I use worry stones with numerous students throughout the school year. The concept is that if you rub the worry stone in your hand then it ...

Step by step photo guide to create worry stones with your students. Creative Elementary School Counselor Maybe collaborate with Art teacher for grade worry unit?

Career development classroom guidance unit for elementary school counseling: students explore career interests, values, strengths/skills, career clusters, education levels, and more! All interactive notebook pages included as well as handouts, power points, lesson plans, and more!

Career Exploration Unit with Interactive Notebook for Career Education

Entirely Elementary...School Counseling: Beginning School Counselor - What You Need to Know

Heading into my year as an urban elementary school counselor, I was thinking the other day about what it would be like to be a novice.

12-session elementary school small group counseling program to promote social skills that are vital for school success! -Counselor Keri

Social Skills Group Counseling Program - Social Skills Activities

family changes lap book for elementary school counseling - perfect for working with students who are dealing with divorce, separation, incarceration, and foster care in individual or small group counseling

Family Changes Lap Book for Divorce and Separation Counseling

**This lap book is included in my School Counseling Lap Book Bundle** Do you need a new way to provide students with hands-on interactive activities? Try a lap

10-session small group counseling program to explore key friendship social skills! for elementary school counseling -Counselor Keri

Friendship Social Skills Group Program for Elementary School Counseling

small group counseling program to explore key friendship social skills! for elementary school counseling -Counselor Keri

105 classroom guidance lessons for pre-k, first, second, third, fourth, and fifth grade! get your elementary school counseling plans DONE!

ULTIMATE Elementary School Counseling Classroom Guidance Lesson Bundle

This is the ULTIMATE classroom guidance lesson bundle! This bundle includes:Pre-Kindergarten classroom guidance lesson bundle (circus theme)Kindergarten

7 apps to use in school counseling

7 Apps to Use in School Counseling

Do you remember growing up in a world without smart phones and tablets? Our students today will most likely never know what it's like to.