Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell (Born: Elizabeth Joanna Robertson - March 1970 - Los Angeles, CA, USA) as Juliet Burke

Favorite character on Lost...I cried so hard when she died. And she's so unbelievably pretty.

Good Voice of the Turtle Clan looks a lot like actress Elizabeth Mitchell.

Elizabeth Mitchell as Melody Morganstern

Once Upon A Time Cast

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Lost, Elizabeth Mitchell | ELIZABETH MITCHELL (Dr. Juliet Burke) WHEN SHE DIED Season 6, episode 1 HOW SHE DIED From injuries after falling into the Swan station's pit and…

'Lost': 9 portraits of the 'dead'

'Revolution's' 'Lost' Reunion: Elizabeth Mitchell Joins J.J. Abrams Drama as Series Regular

'Revolution's' 'Lost' Reunion: Elizabeth Mitchell Joins J. Abrams Drama as Series Regular (also on OUAT)

Elizabeth Mitchell aka Juliette of Lost

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Elizabeth Mitchell - loved her as Linda McCartney, Mrs. Claus, and the Ice Queen on Once Upon A Time.

Elizabeth Mitchell Biography Date of Birth 27 March Los Angeles, California, USA Birth Name Elizabeth Joanna Robertson Nickna.