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this could be a design to put on Patti's napkins


A bit hidden in one of the corners of the square is the Fontana delle Api (Fountain of the Bees), which is one of Bernini’s more modest works. Built in 1644 in honour of Pope Urban VIII, the fountain is decorated with large bees, which are the emblem of the Barberini family. Piazza Barberini, Rome, Italy Rae 12/31/13


New Old Stock Classic Coca Cola Sign C1950s

The avid Coca-Cola collector might recognize this as a coveted "fishtail" sign, named for the fins on either side of the bright red emblem, but just about everyone loves the classic look of Coke memorabilia. Of particular note is the superb condition - this rare sign is 'new old stock', a vintage sign that was never used or distributed (this one was discovered in an old warehouse).


Napoleonic Bee. Symbol of immortality and resurrection. They were considered as the oldest emblem of the sovereigns of France.


PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Indonesia National Railways)


Clasp bearing Napoleon's bee heraldry. Copyright Leven's Hall. This cloak clasp, captured from the French during the Battle of Waterloo, is decorated with a design of two bees, joined by a central link. This was the personal emblem of Napoleon and a symbol of French imperial power. Whether the clasp was worn by the Emperor himself, or was a present to one of his close aides, its striking design is most definitely linked in some way to the charismatic leader.


The so-called “al-Hamra cube,” named for the sanctuary where it was found, and chiseled around a century after Nabonidus, in the fifth or fourth century BC, reveals syncretic elements: a thoroughly Babylonian priest standing before an altar to the Egyptian bull-god Apis, set against a background of winged emblems and an eight-pointed star that is probably derived from Anatolian civilization.