Jason Chan Art: Book Covers 2013 Update love everything this guy has done! he is very talented!!!

Jason Chan Art: Book Covers 2013 Update : Emperor of Thorns by Mark Lawrence

Kalastartigan/-sartigan (Jaibul or Ylaruam)  [Hamza by Marko-Djurdjevic]

Illustration from our newest book, THE KILLING GAME, featuring Hamza, one of the main characters of the story. Awesome collab with Chris Kintner.

Tarot: The Emperor by SceithAilm.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Artist SceithAilm attaches characters from Lord of the Rings to the classic tarot Major Arcana, casting Aragorn as the Emperor, Galadriel as the High Priestess, and an ensnared Frodo as the Hanged Man.

Emperor Regal Clothing Design by BABAGANOOSH99 on DeviantArt

m Fighter Eldrich Knight Plate Cape casting hilvl Emperor Regal Clothing Design by on DeviantArt

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6 Battles that Significantly Affected the Roman Empire

Okay but Rey probably should’ve just been like “hey I’ll join you if you let me save my friends first” and then we could have had this

elithien: “ In an AU where Rey accepted Kylo Ren’s offer and they reign happily ever after. Empire Reylo is without a doubt my fav au from the dawn of time and I’m glad I finally made another piece. Here’s my first one [x] In case you’re interested.