Je suis au boulot j'écoute variations sur marylou et je pense à toi et je me demande si toi aussi tu pense aussi fort à moi ?

Chillin out is down to a fine art. ♥ Loved and pinned by Noah's Ark Mobile Vet Service

One day I will own an English bulldog. I've always wanted a dog and once I graduate I will make sure to make that a reality. Have myself a new best friend! I can't wait for that day. I absolutely adore dogs.

Look out, everyone move out of the way! Bulldog puppy cuteness coming through! This might be the cutest thing I've ever seen!

Don't worry....I'm sure this happy english bulldog just made your day

Puppies ought to start coming quickly. These puppies will be prepared for Christmas! All our puppies include papers, shots and wellness guarantees. In case the puppy isn't breathing wipe the sides,

A dog is a man's best friend and bulldog's a Britons'. Do we need more excuses to coo at these doggies?

10 English Bulldogs That Will Melt Your Heart

'Dad, can you go and get me a stool to sit on please. I can't eat my Dinner like this' - Funny English Bulldog

boudog anglais et sa progéniture trop beau!!

This little baby Bulldog pup loves to play rough house with her mom. And her mom doesn't mind a bit!

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She made it across the finish line to win . by his NOSE! Bulldogs are just funnier than regular dogs!