Trachyandra is a genus of plants similar to Albuca, both bulbs belonging to the order Asparagales and both native to South Africa. And, like Albuca, some Trachyandra produce transfixingly tortuous foliage, like the unidentified species in this photo.

Trachyandra sp - A few photos from the San Gabriel Winter Show - Cacti Succulents Forum - GardenWeb.

Fractal branching patterns - Abutilon is a large genus of flowering plants in the mallow family, Malvaceae. It is distributed throughout the tropics and subtropics of the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Bell shaped flower.

Crimson Indian Mallow or Redvein Chinese Lantern (Abutilon striatum x abutilon hybridum). An ornamental variety of a common South American perennial.

.: green ::

orchid Bulbophyllum Elizabeth Anne ‘Buckleberry’ FCC/AOS (longissimum x rothschildianum) {Hybrid}

~~Torch Ginger by Anna Keay~~ ~Beauty of Flowers & Gardens

Anna Keay Fine Art - Maui Artist specializing in oil paintings of tropical flowers and bridal bouquets.

exotic plants and animals | Tropical Rainforest Biome: Plants and Animals |...

Tropical Rainforest Biome: Plants and Animals

Day 181 Beautiful World: blue poison dart frog (Dendrobates azureus) - listed as Vulnerable, but if rainforest deforestation continues, its status will become more critical.

Iris at Kentlands in Gaithersburg, Maryland • photo: Roy Kelley on Flickr

Wow, our iris garden we buy from has beautiful iris but never saw these. Beautiful Shades of Teal Iris. I want to plant some of these in my yard. Irises are so easy to grow, in my opinion one of the best bulbs for beginners

Carnivorous Plant

Carnivorous Plants – Beauty, Intrigue, and so much Fun~!

Blue primrose and many other beautiful exotic plants.                                                                                                                                                      More

43 Beautiful and Seldom Seen Flowers! UPDATED

Polyanthus plants, sometimes known as primrose, are a spring plant that offers blooms in a rainbow of colors. There is a difference between a Polyanthus and a Primrose. A primrose has one flower on a stalk, but a polyanthus has many.

Banana Plant Flower - they make some amazing dishes with these flowers in Indone...

Banana Plant Flower - they make some amazing dishes with these flowers in Indone

Banana Plant Flower This probably is not a fall flower. However the coloring of it is so pretty,I thought I would just fudge I bit this time. It's tropical. It still flowers even tho it's a fruit!