ArtStation - Private house in the lake village, Jung yeoll Kim

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New Fantasy Imported Fresh From The Other Worldthefabulousweirdtrotters: Interior production still for the… Via 亗 Dr. Emporio Efikz 亗 thefabulousweirdtrotters:  Interior production still for the film Pleasure Crazed circa 1929

Wonderful circular art deco interior doorway with decorative ironwork feature.

My fantasy house (not dream house) would have an indoor/outdoor pool set up like this.

22 Amazing Indoor Pool Inspirations For Your Home

I love, love the water. I love, love design. I often dream about a swimming pool design just for me that fulfills my love of the water and also integrates well with the landscape and the house.

This is what i want to see when i call out, "honey, I'm home..."

Dark and creepy // Film is nothing but the trapping of things that are no more. Film is our communion with ghosts. Our pinned butterfly collection.