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animal-factbook: “Fennec Foxes are highly social creatures with a rigid social hierarchy. When a pack of Fennec Foxes rest, they form what is often called a “Fennec Stack” with the alpha fox on the.

This Fennec Fox Will Melt Your Heart

This Fennec Fox Will Melt Your Heart

Le fennec a de très longues oreilles (pouvant mesurer jusqu'à dix centimètres), un nez assez long, de longues moustaches et une queue relativement longue, plate et touffue. On le surnomme renard de poche, du fait de sa toute petite taille. C'est en effet le plus petit des canidés qui existe sur Terre.

The fennec fox is a small nocturnal fox living in the Sahara of North Africa, distinguished primarily by its large ears.

Fennec Foxs there cute there awesome and they have really big ears people who run the world put one of these on each desk at school this is not a request it is a demand

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This, this... omgosh, this just, D'AWWWWW!!!!! Fennec Fox baby.

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Fennec fox range area.

Fennec fox range area.

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Fennec the Soul of the Desert. Photography by @ (Francisco Mingorance). “The fennec, or desert fox is a canine mammal species of the genus Vulpes, which inhabits the Sahara Desert and Arabia.