This Infographic Reveals the Connection Between Color and Emotion in Film

This Infographic Reveals the Connection Between Color and Emotion in Film

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Great movie set mostly on scene (not in a studio) based on a great plot with strong character development. :)

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La amé hasta q mi hijo me dijo que se desilusionó cuando supo que "Richard Parker era hecho con efectos especiales" :(

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Fight Club: dissociation; poverty; male archetypes; lots of things there's no clinical language for.

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Loved it. It was super adorable, and incredibly moving. I really liked the guy who played Billy's Father. He gave the character such incredible depth. You rooted for him too.

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JURASSIC PARK - A group of people on a preview tour are stranded when Jurassic Park is hit with a hurricane, releasing its cloned prehistoric inhabitants.

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The Book Thief. This was a good movie. Surprised by it and enjoyed it quite a bit.

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FICHE PEDAGOGIQUE : Film INTOUCHABLES e document authentique au service de la pédagogie active va permettre de formuler des hypothèses à partir d'une affiche, de comprendre un document authentique, de s'interroger sur le thème du handicap, de l'amitié, des jeunes de banlieue et de la solidarité.

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Trainspotting. Una de mis favoritas. Me marcó de por vida. Recuerdos de la Sala Garbo.

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The Hateful Eight - Movie Poster

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