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texting can come hilarious some times unintentionally, and I think these texts are the best ones, here I have collected some of the funniest and hilarious texts that will make you LOL, make sure to…

Too funny!!! If you really think about it this is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The movie sounded interesting and like something i would watch. And then i saw Finding Nemo. Still love that movie just bc it is a classic but had a different type of movie in mind that is for sure.

Top 23 funny texts from parents

Top 23 funny texts from parents

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#1 Both lawyers from divorcing couple are sitting there going "We get $350 an hour for Court time".via Reddit#2 Wife made an apologizing cake for her husband.#3 A bird photo which describes precisely of an ordinary couple.#4 Another funny text message between wife and...

10 Marriage Memes! #1 A Divorcing Couple Splits Beanie Babies In Court.