A helpful guide to Fursuit types

If you want to make a realistic or semi-realistic fursuit yourself, you can go to Dream Vision Creations and find resin bases, claws, jaw sets, and much more. I'm going to make a fursuit head with stuff from DVC.

YOU Can Make a Fursuit for $100 (a helpful guide) by Tsebresos on DeviantArt

I am not a furry and I'm definitely not interested in making a fursuit, but this is helpful for making other costumes

This is a really cool creation and it's ingenious

Acsii and Abraxas, I think that's how you spell it, there primagens anyways

Here is the current state of my Blakat fursuit progress! I've numbered and labeled parts in these pics to explain what they are ;3 1-Tail The tail is carved out of foam, so I could have better cont...

An easy step-by-step guide to making fursuit feetpaws. This guide is pretty basic, complete with a generic character. I won't give away the exact details of making fursuit parts, if I .