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Fusing Ghost Images Into Glass

Leaf Ghost Image - fusing ghost images into glass "I’ve been experimenting with firing leaves into glass to leave a ghost image. I fused a piece of fern leaf between two pieces of glass overnight and it’s worked brilliantly. The heat burnt away the leaf and has left a gorgeous, detailed ghost image. Am now very excited about the design possibilities."

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The Bejewelled Bowl is an opulent glass vessel in five jewel-like colours. When illuminated from above, the bowls project breathtaking patterns of coloured light on the surface below. #spectacular

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Bubbly Beachy Ying Yang

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Fused Glass Penguin

Fused Glass Penguin by Artglassbystraub on Etsy More

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Wire More

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Fused glass, wedding, bride and groom, engagement.

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Fused Glass Christmas Ornament (Christmas Tree)

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Handmade, fused glass jewelry by Miss Olivia's Line. #MOL Additional items posted at

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Fused Christmas trees, planter ideas - also nice in blues -and greens - clay base with hole

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Zeldas Fine Arts // fused glass, transparent background, birch trees, tiny green leaves

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