Futurama, one of the funniest (and sometimes saddest-if you've seen Jurassic Bark you know what I mean) shows I have ever seen.

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Amazing Futurama poster.  Even more amazing. .. check who the last pinner was. ..... yep, my husband. Hates fb but pintrest is cool.

This is an officially licensed Futurama print I did that will be debuting at Acme Archives Booth at this year's San Diego Comicon.

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100 CUPS OF COFFEE Futurma T-Shirt

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It's between 1 and 3 ~ Futurama

Pick a number between 1 and 3

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"Saddest moment in Futurama…" I'd be lying if I said I didn't cry when I watched that...

Saddest moment in Futurama…

Funny pictures about Saddest moment in Futurama. Oh, and cool pics about Saddest moment in Futurama. Also, Saddest moment in Futurama.

"Futurama"                                                       …

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Futurama Posters by Barry Doyon, via Behance

Barry Doyon is a designer/illustrator from Ontario that made these posters that will keep you productive until the year View "Futurama Posters Will keep You Motivated-ish" and more funny posts on Dorkly