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Honda GL 100

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Yamaha V 80, Indonesien

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Honda Benly S 110

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chloe moretz kick ass 2 photos | Chloe Moretz Kick-Ass 2 : Filme Trailer

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Ubud, Bali

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200+ Custom Honda Grom | MSX125 Pictures / Photo Gallery. Stretched & Lowered + Turbo Kits + Exhausts + Custom Wheels & Paint + Sport Bike Fairings / Plastics and More on Honda's hottest selling motorcycle in many years!

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Seorang gadis remaja berparas ayu dengan terampil mampu menambal ban sepeda motor.

Gubrak! Video Selfie Wanita Cantik di Atas Motor Ini Berujung Menyakitkan

Fear Factory ~ Mechanize

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triumph down and out t100 designboom. the custom finishes continue into the bates style headlight, mounted with stainless brackets that double up to house the very tidy little indicators. the team showcases its craft when looping the subframes on bonnies, and in this case, their handiwork is characterized by the stubby seat, keeping a bit more visual bulk towards the centre of the bike.

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2B Family : Photo

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Here’s a nice shot of the ever-amazing Leah Stunts (Petersen) poppin’ a wheelie, my last post for today since I overloaded you with text-images.

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Monster420rl biker chick’s for day’s check it out plus look up wideglide12…