New Mockingjay Part 2 Banner - "Fallen Snow"

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Gale Hawthorne: Rebel

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Gale Hawthorne- (not my favorite guy(; ) im more of a peeta girly(((:

"Are you, are you comeing to the tree.Where they strung up the man they said murdered three.Strange did happen here, no stranger would it be. If we meet up at at midnight at the hanging tree...

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Good Guy Gale

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I still have the scars. I still can feel the whip cutting into my flesh, getting so deep as to cut the bone. The roaring of the crowd as they watched me get cur down still rings in my ears.

Will herondale, Jace herondale, Tobias eaton, patch cipriano, Daniel Grigori and Cam Briel (but only in Rapture he didn't fool me in the first 3 books) *FEELS*♡♡

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Things Gale Hawthorne likes

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Couture for Hunger Games: Catching Fire // Gale Hawthorne

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