Garden Railroad, Long Consist. Unknown Location. #Gardening #GardenRailroad

Garden Railroad, Long Consist. Unknown Location. #Gardening #GardenRailroad

Peckforton Light Railway: How to build a garden railway (or "If I knew then what I know now")

Peckforton Light Railway: construction - landscape How did I create stream

See this train chug through the miniature garden at our Fair Oaks store!

Not so much a model train in a garden as a garden used to decorate a model railroad.

garden railways- shows a nice bit of construction detail

Great shot of a garden railroad for a model train, showing good perspective on the construction of the outdoor layout.

This outdoor railroad feature numerous trestles, four ponds, and hundreds of dwarf confiers.

This outdoor railroad feature numerous trestles, four ponds, and hundreds of dwarf confiers.

Many people enjoy both gardening and model trains.  I wrote an article on my blog about setting up a garden railroad to provide some basic information on the topic. Along with landscaping, I too am a fan of model railroads.  I wish I had the time to set up a model train in my garden! That would be awesome!

Gardening and model railroading; these are two of our favorite hobbies, and they are being combined by many to create garden railways. A number of botanic gardens are adding garden railways to thei…

This diagram is based on an old D&RGW diagram of a trestle bent. Click for a bigger picture.

Wooden train trestle diagram, interesting from an engineering viewpoint.

Garden Railroad replica of Disneyland!!!   - railway built by Dave Sheegog

Anaheim Hills man plants Disney in his back yard

Architect Dave Sheegog built a replica of the main entrance to Disneyland in his backyard railroad in Anaheim. Sheegog has spent nearly 10 years scratch-building the structures and Disneyland locomotives.

How to Make a Garden Railway: 8 steps (with pictures) - wikiHow

Make a Garden Railway

How to Make a Garden Railway. A model railway in a garden can make an exciting feature that allows a gardener to grow specialist small plants, delights viewers and lets children discover the garden in a whole new way.

Our trusty train engineer overseeing the Tornado Tower in the Garden Railroad.

My favorite part of Castle Farms was the train station. I didn't get the name of the train engineer, but he has the coolest job.