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Blanche has a shaved head now but in her past she likely wore some of these

Chinese Hanfu

) I love Chinese Girls with their tranditional clothes xD Note: All pictures here are not belong to me. All rights belongs to respective owners and creator!

Geisha - Fiona Graham, caucasian Geisha as of 2007.  Beautiful, smart and brave enough to immerse herself in a completely different culture.  Inspiration much?

Spectacular Female Photography by Zemotion

Photo/Direction: Zhang Jingna Model/Actress: Chiaki Oshima Assistant: cwfineart Makeup: Chiyo Hair: Miho Tokyo, Sakuran II: Image collected in my ph.

Ąų Ƥaƴʂ ɗų Ꮥoɭҽ¡ɭ Lҽvaɲʈ... Wallpaper... By Artist Unknown...

Ąų Ƥaƴʂ ɗų Ꮥoɭҽ¡ɭ Lҽvaɲʈ. By Artist Unknown.

Amy Dowell specializes in mixed media painting styles and neo-traditional tattooing. She began as a traditional impressionist landscape painter and evolved into a contemporary portraitist. She also wo

Death Becomes Her by Amy Dowell Geisha w/ Skull Asian Fine Art Print

death becomes her by amy dowell geisha w/ skull fan asian tattoo fine art print japanese asian oriental chinese alternative-artwork

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Oh, and by the way, Oiran are pricey prostitutes who live in brothels. They are not to be confused at all with Geisha.

Chinese Royal Consort's costumes and make-up during Tang Dynasty from Chinese drama " the Empress of China"

Ancient Chinese fashion and costumes seen in period drama and films. 武则天 "The Empress of China" - 2015 Chinese TV drama, starring Fan Bing Bing & Aariff Lee.

hailin fu geisha

Hailin Tattoo, the tattoo studio of master tatoo artist Hailin Fu located in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Winner of 2016 National Tattoo Association Tattoo Convention Best Tattooist Award.

Big in Japan! Kimono-over und wir reisen nach Japan. Als go go geisha entspannen wir unter wilden Kirschblüten, mal now and zen, mal hier, mal da. Frei im Geist, wie ein playing koi - Oh maki me happy. So wird schnell ein udon know me zu Konnichiwa.

Black and white Geisha - Photography by Ryushi Kojima, Japan.

Rare Japanese Edo Period Silver and Gilt Hair Pin. Rare Japanese Edo Period Silver and Gilt Hair Ornament. Sterling and 999 pure Silver and Gilt hair ornament of magnificent quality made for an Oria, the highest class of geisha, featuring a crane in flight with flowers and branches and tassels. 14 long x 6 wide x 10.5 inches high with base, 35.5 x 15.25 x 26.5 cm. Pre 1900.

Rare Japanese Edo Period Silver and Gilt Hair Ornament made of magnificent quality for an Oria, the highest class of geisha Pre 1900