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Forgotten Church In South Carolina

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Late Night Randomness (26 Photos)

Abandoned church More

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I'm not sure where this abandoned picture was taken but it's called "Pew With A View" and was posted on Flickr.

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infantrose: “ Chackbay, St. James Parish, Louisiana. ”

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These old churches remind me of what makes this country great and how the pioneers made it across the

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Abandoned Old West Amusement Park Adirondack Parkalbum in comments

Abandoned The heavenly bright sun behind this abandoned church reminds me how time limited material things are. Even churches get old, but light is never lost.

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Abandoned Church in Detroit.

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For those wondering:it's the ruins of St-Etienne-le-Vieux a large medieval church destroyed in World War II. Next to Caen in France

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70 Abandoned Old Buildings.. left alone to die

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Abandoned church, nature takes over. Shows that buildings need maintenance. This is unbelievably beautiful!

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Can you see the beauty this church once had, look hard and let your mind pain the picture. Amazing and yet still appears to be so reverant.

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Von Trapp Family Church Vermont.

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abandoned country churches | Old Church In Winter Royalty Free Stock Images - Image: 22295569

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Ancient Church, Northumberland, England

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Ponybody and Johnny run away after Dallas advises them to get out of town when he hears that Johnny killed Bob. They stay in an abandoned church, and Ponyboy bleaches his roots trying to disguise himself.

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Abandoned church in Colorado *the grey sky as a backdrop for the church makes this eerily beautiful*

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Beautiful photo of an abandoned church in Oregon.

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Abandoned Church, Detroit, Michigan

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