New York Giants, Elite Eli Manning #NYG #sackbrady

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Giants are my favorite football team. I have watched them play before and it was so exciting. I tend to make sure all of my homework is done by Sunday so I can watch their games.

I'll always love my Giants! This separates us real fans from the bandwagon fans!

Gaints Football-Week NJ/NY Giants vs Washington Redskin at FedEx Field Stadium MD. Giants Played too Relaxed and allowed 3 Interceptions. but allowed the Redskins to Score 14 Points on turnovers. Giants lose Giants are tied with Redskins for Pl.

New York Giants one of the best teams ever! #NYGiants #Gmen #bestteaminny

New York Giants play big with the heart of a giant and the protection of Clear Gear Spray.

I loved every second of these games

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