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Birth Month Flowers And Their Significances . August - Gladiolus is august birth flowers. This flower is just like a fighter's blade from outside while it doesn't mean energy. It is the icon of memorial.

A bunch of white gladiolas in a simple vase can bring instant life to any room.

Everyday easy flower arrangement ideas for your home. How to arrange flowers without a lot of fuss and mess.

Large-Flowered Gladioli Mix | Flower Bulbs from Bakker Spalding Garden Company...In spring, plant the large-flowered gladioli corms about 7-10 cm deep. Prepare a suitable hole in good, loose soil and sprinkle the bottom of the hole with a layer of sharp sand so that rainwater can drain well below the corms as gladioli prefer rich, well-drained soil. Plant the corms about 10-12 cm apart from each other. Improve your garden soil by adding compost. During the winter apply some lime to the soil…

Flower Of August: Gladioulus/Sword Flower; Symbolically this flower signifies remembrance, infatuation, and strength of character.

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This is your complete how to guide to growing gladioli (gladiolus), choosing the varieties, planting and cutting.

How to plant and grow gladioli

Buy Velvet Gladioli Collection from Sarah Raven: A collection of Gladiolus in the most wonderfully velvety colours - classy and elegant gladiolus and unbeatably beautiful.

Garden diary 1 September 2015 Enter: The Dahlia    One of the many wonderful things about having a garden is being able to pop outside and cut a few flowers for the house. Whether you choose to pick wild flowers and grasses, astrantia or phlox from the borders or specially grown beauties like sweet peas, there are few things that brighten up a home more than flowers.

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Gladiolus 'Exotic Bird'

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