How to Make Graham Cracker Gingerbread Houses - Happiness is Homemade #PBandG #ad

Decorating gingerbread houses is a fun holiday tradition, and it's SO simple to make your own houses with Honey Maid graham crackers! Full step-by-step tutorial and icing recipe in the post!

Baking a gingerbread house from scratch can take an entire day. And then when you take the time to assemble it, all the pieces fall apart. To avoid an epic mess, use graham crackers and our “glue” icing recipe!   Cut off the corner of a Ziploc® bag to pipe frosting for gingerbread houses!

Super Sticky "Glue" For Gingerbread Houses

How To Make A Gingerbread House From Graham Crackers - I didn't realize it was so simple! We're definitely doing it this way this year instead of buying those expensive kits!

Seven Ways to Make a Gingerbread House

Instructions for making a Graham Cracker Gingerbread house - this is amazing. We make gingerbread houses every year and I actually buy the gingerbread flavored graham crackers.

Learn how to build a Graham Cracker Barn. See the step-by-step tutorial at

Graham cracker houses don't just have to be for the holidays. You can have fun making this Graham Cracker Barn any time of year.

Ginger Bread House

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LOVE THIS idea instead of Graham Cracker Christmas Houses at school FROM: WORTH PINNING: Decorated Pretzel Cabins

Tutorial : Decorated Pretzel Cabins - a lovely alternative to gingerbread or graham cracker houses. Makes a beautiful decoration for Christmas!

Organization idea for gingerbread party...use mini muffin tins from Dollar Tree, one for each girl to pick what she wants from the candy buffet

Organization idea for gingerbread party. Use a mini muffin tins from Dollar Tree. Let the kids pick the candy they want for their gingerbread house from the candy buffet.


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When making a gingerbread house, cut the graham crackers accordingly

A terrific tutorial on how to make a graham cracker gingerbread house with your kids. Uses melted white chocolate instead of icing. The white chocolate is a brilliant idea.