Hmmmm... macrame and the now lidless bowls i keep thinking to get rid of. ...

Our New Obsession – Hanging Fruit Baskets

Hanging vintage bowls as baskets - such a sweet kitchen touch. Craft and DIY Projects and Tutorials

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I'm still packing. I'm starting on the bedrooms today. I'm very tempted to just sit in the garden, its a gorgeous day here.

A feast of crafty ideas from granny-chic aficionados Rachelle Blondel and Tif Fussell

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Ash Tree Cottage: Let's Talk Granny Chic

Ash Tree Cottage: Let's Talk Granny Chic. Now you may also have noticed that the style of our bedroom is very granny chic. Well, you are correct. With the exception of our bed which was handmade by some Amish folks in Pennsylvania, everything is vintage.

i have started a mini embroidery hoop wall in my bedroom next to my sewing machine. i dont have as many as this one though

Display bits of fabric that you like instead of keeping it in a box. Fabric is art in itself. You can find embroidery hoops all the time at garage sales and thrift shops! Maybe even paint the hoops to give a little color to the fabric hoop wall!

Any chance I might bring the housedress back into vogue?  These speak to me, which also fully supports my claim that in some past life, I was a farmer's wife.

the deep pockets on these dresses are precious & so practical. I love a lot of Dottie Angels dresses

Granny chic : Floral wall art    wanna try this one

Wish list: The Original Pop Up Shop

Granny chic : Floral wall art wanna try this one (maybe this would work behind sofa)