merle great dane puppy.... look at that cute widdle face!!! <3<3<3

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Blue Great Dane Puppy

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Great Danes eating from elevated bowls... if i ever have great danes have to make sure to build this in

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Everything about your Great Dane

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Great Dane puppy

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Wow! Like Irish Wolfhounds ~ Great Danes are gentle giants! This guy's watching animals planet. :)

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Great Dane Coat Colors - Adoptables (closed) by ~Anellyz on deviantART

Great Dane Coat Colors - Adoptables (closed) by ~Anellyz on deviantART

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Blue Merle Great Dane. This is my dream dog!

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Gypsy Blue-Merle Great Dane puppy

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This is the exact color I've been obsessing over! I saw a GD this shade at the dog park and fell in LOVE!

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