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Top 10 Video Penampakan Hantu Nyata Paling Seram #3

Crowned Crane - ©Hantu Laut (via TrekEarth)


Hantu Bandan- Malaysian myth: a water spirit whose head resembles an inverted cauldron. They are trapped under the water where a waterfall hits. The current is so strong there that it even keeps spirits underwater.


Hantu air are water spirits that dwells in rivers. It is said that they take form of broken tree branches that floats along the river. They are considered powerful spirits, capable of paralyzing those who disturbs their domain. The origin of Hantu air are believed to be  from captured spirits by powerful shamans who cast them to the rivers using acak  ritual. Acak are offerings made to malevolent spirits, normally in form of sacrifice or food in exchange for their cooperation. The offerings…


Hantu Bajang or Civet Ghosts are mischievous spirits that roams the night and enjoys taunting children specially if they are still playing after dark.Sometimes,an encounter with a Hantu Bajang will result of that person being ill for weeks. Some say they take form of a Civet,while others a Polecat. It said that Hantu Bajang also appears during rain and produces sounds the resembles a child's cry during.


Hantu Buta are ghost that causes blindness and terminal illness to its victim. Hantu Buta  or Ghost of Blindness are said to manifest in the form of a thin old man with large protruding eyes.