“When you watch someone sing/play & notice that it’s healing them… Maybe even more than anyone else in the whole room.”

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Pro to short hair: You don't need to brush out knots. Poof you are done brushing your hair in 1 minute!

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Hayley Williams

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it's just a spark, but it's enough to keep me going ✧ hayley williams of paramore

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Étoile Isable Marant Mati Mohair-Blend Sweater (sold out) and half-and-half red plaid and black studded pleather UNIF Jagger Shorts, which are available at Wasteland ($82.99), Akira ($90.28), Dolls Kill ($92.00), Luna B ($98.00) UNIF ($118.00) and Revolve Clothing ($123.00).

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*m. Hayley Williams

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Dude you can feel the passion! Incredible picture of her! Hayley Williams…

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This is Hayley Williams. She is from a band called Paramore that took a 3 YEAR break from music. They didn't change into something bad like Miley Cyrus. Hayley isn't half naked all the time. After 3 years she is still a good role model. She is perfect.

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2014's Best Celeb Hair-Color Makeovers #refinery29 http://www.refinery29.com/best-celebrity-hair-color#slide14 Hayley Williams After She recently ditched the two-toned look for all-over blue, which is one of the prettiest under-the-sea shades we've ever seen.

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Hayley Williams rocking the stage

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