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“When you watch someone sing/play & notice that it’s healing them… Maybe even more than anyone else in the whole room.”

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{ Hayley Williams } "Hi! I'm Hayley. I am 19 and single. I am in a band called Paramore. I love to be on tour and meeting fans and such. When I'm not working on music or I'm not on tour I like to party. I'm always up to go to a good party and to hangout with friends. Anyway that's about all there is to know about me!"

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//Hayley Williams// Rose Noble is sneaky to say the least. The 17 year old Nasci is mostly used to break in places, with a weirdly good talent at picking locks she has narrowly avoided jail and death. Of course death has nothing to do with locks. But the imperium do and they've done something she will never forgive. Though Rose has made a vow to never actually kill anyone, as that's what she believes deprecated her from the enemy, she will wreak havoc on whatever highclass person she manages…

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Twitter: @yelyahwilliams

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Hayley Williams - love her shirt!

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hayley williams

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Hayley} "He asked me to move in, and got a kitten? God, I'm so in love." I laugh softly.

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Hayley Williams

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Goodnight #paramore #hayleywilliams

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