Alexander Wennberg Swedish hockey player

26 Hockey Players Who Are Hot As Puck

Alexander Wennberg is a Swedish hockey player and like too young for me but this guy will be so much hotter when he's thirty-something.

21 Things Youll Understand If Youre Dating A Hockey Player

21 Things Only People Dating Hockey Players Will Get

"funny kiss cam hockey players SO CUTE's a .gif" That's sort of adorable.

Adorable Hockey Players…

Funny pictures about Adorable Hockey Players. Oh, and cool pics about Adorable Hockey Players. Also, Adorable Hockey Players.

hockey players dont get enough credit for being so adorable.#HenrikZetterberg

Henrik Zetterberg Warrior shoot Red Wings star Henrik Zetterberg and Warrior Hockey teamed up for a photo and video shoot at in Madison Heights. (Photos by Michael Caples/MiHockey)

Yep! Used to be my Captain. Oh Shit!

Cause We're Canadian on

I love hockey, but I also love soccer and the fact that the top player is NEYMAR, whose career could have ended due to a broken vertebrae during the last World Cup, is being used to make light of soccer injuries is pissing me off.

Matt Duchene- Colorado Avalanche

Matt Duchene: my favorite player on my favorite team, and he's my number in hockey